About Doctor

Being a lecturer and demonstrator in Anatomy I have the opportunity to coordinate the action of homeopathic medicine with the parts of the body. Further as a lecturer in Organon of medicine the indispensability of homeopathy in dynamic pathology vs. manifested pathology, the miasma in the light of modern idea of disease has started to grow. The idea about AIDS, HIV and the method of prevention of diseases are not new to the homeopath who is a true follower of Hahnemann.

In my practice I am convinced Desire, Aversion, Modalities, Passed and Family history of a patient, causes of disease and to note the reflection of disease conditions from one part of body to other parts help to cure in most cases where clear cut pathology or no pathology is detected. With the above ideas and Hering's guiding Symptoms I have been encouraged in homeopathy to cure many hope less cases. It has been possible to explore several specific medicines in piles, fistulas, sexual disability, fibroied , uterus, gastritis and vitamin deficiencies.