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A middle-aged person reports me that he is suffering from breathlessness from slight exertion, Pain in left chest radiating to left hand with anguish feeling. He has consulted several cardiologists who suggest angiogram and by-pass surgery. But his fund does not permit to undergo such expensive treatment. I prescribe him Kali mur 200 followed by Kali phos 200x and Silicea 200. After a month of treatment he has returned to his normal life. I have told him that his want of money has saved him from being a guineapig. The gentleman agrees.
CRATAGEOUS OX is a solvent to crustaceous and Calcareous deposits in arteries. A remedy for Arteriosclerosis to be continued long.
GRINDELIAR R involves Pulmonary Circulation. It has action to Vagus n. As a result gastric and respiration complain arise. Stops breathing when falling asleep.
COCA is a grand remedy in palpitation with great weakness.
STROPHANTHUS is met in heart attack with high triglycerides having addiction to smoking. 
CONVALARIA is also used in tobacco heart where heartbeats stop and then become regular.
DIGITALIS in intermittent pulse unexplained uneasiness of body without apparent pathology.
KALMIALAT is a remedy to affect vulvas of heart with a history of rheumatism. A case of mitral stenosis having passed history of rheumatism has undergone Vulvotomy. But time-to-time without rhymes or reason he suffers from severe dyspnoea with locking of left hand and pain in chest despite using allopathic doses and he has to be hospitalized. With kalmia 6x in regular doses fits him to regular life for last two years without discomfort.
Aurum met – In thumping of heart. Depression of mind is the key point. In HBP having ruddy appearances with scrofulous hypertrophy heart involving liver kidney. In young girl with hypertrophy heart gives good result. 
ACID PHOS – Diabetic condition having too much mental strain.
PHOSPHORUS – Patient cannot lie on left side.
SPIGELIA – Patient has to lie head high. Severe precordial pain even moving hands.
SPONGIA – cannot lie with head low. Rises from sleep with suffocation, Pain in heart and palpitation.
LYCOPUS V – In mitral regurgitation.
Kali Iod, Eucalyptus are used in aneurism of aorta.
SEPIA – Heart gives intermittent large sounds. Sepia is a remedy in case of uterine reflex to heart after DC operation, abortion, Hysterectomy, Prolapse uterus. It also suits to heart complains having addiction to drinking and sexual excess.
Kalichlo – When clots or plug form in blood.
ARS. IOD – Senile heart arteriosclerosis, profuse expectoration on coughing.
STRYCHNIN OR NUX VOM – In spasms of heart.
MEDORRHINUM – When heart's pain refered to epigastrium.
SPANGUNARIA – In heart complains dryness of larynx. 
Tubercular elements or toxins affect heart. High blood pressure supervened CALC .FL benefits. in post by-pass Surgery of heart to remove adhesion and to minimize traumatic effect of vascular system Calc Fl. is a great remedy. Along with Calendula and Kali Phos are used as inter current.
A person having tubercular affection in past is much susceptible to cold has developed vulvular disease. Angina pains with fear of death, long regurgating sound of heart is greatly relieved by Naja.
A young girl of 15 with great distress in heart, palpitation deep breathing with enlargement of heart having offensive breath is greatly improved by Aurum met. IGNATIA & NAT.MUR. have palpitation of and on without cause. Like window open.
A woman of 55 has right sided paralysis is greatly improved by Crotalus H 30. She has old history of prolonged uterine hemorrhage and black stool. She has palpitation and enlargement of right ventricle. Lachesis is another remedy for heart. She has same palpitation worse in the morning or after sleep cannot bear anything covering. She has previous record of prolonged diarrhoea. At present she has no such complains.


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