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Few eye remedies to which I have unexpected results are listed below:
  • Physostigma 6 or  30-long use cures glaucoma of eyes. in myopia it is a handy remedy.
  • Conium 30 in progrsive loss of vision,injury ,working long in insufficient light over exertion may be the exciting causes.Patient is fond of salty food and milk causes acidity.
  • In any surgical interference of eyes Calendula cm removes post surgical complications in no time.
  • When there is clot in eyeball I have tried with Pituitary G 30 In some recent cases I have got expected result.
  • Symphytum is also good remedy for eye complications arising from injury.
  • Senega is useful in absorption of fragments of lense in operation.
  • muscular weakness of eyes.causing shaded vision.old people with respiratory complain suit the remedy in eye.
  • Silcea 30,Staphysagria 6x in cornea detachment used after operation.
Some other remedies come after strict individualisation.
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