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I do not claim tall to attract patient that I cure CANCER.If any homeopath claims so I suspect his integrity.
In homeopathy cure takes place so long 'Reversible Process'works.In cancer new tissues take the place of original tissues,as such ir-reversible process takes place.
In fact I have the privilege to treat cancer patients as last resort being torturerd physically, mentally and financially by is my experience that homeopathy may render better palliation to distressed.
I mention here few remedies to which i have practical experience.
  • Caltha P Q one or two drops in uterine cancer.It gives miraculous palliation immediately. 
  • Euphorbia 6 is another remedy where burning pain is intense.
  • Medorrhinun 200 in case of cancer patient where fear of death is much.
  • Acconite Nap 200 is another remedy where fear of death is present with agony in mind.
  • Asterias R 6 in cancer of breast where axillary glands are knotted.
  • phytolacca 6 is a good remedy for breast cancer in lymphatic temperament.
  • Arsenic Alb 6 too weak, burning pain takes water little at a time
  • Beside above other remedies Kali Carb 6 (Dysphagia).
  • Kali Bich 6( Deep punctured ulcre,stringy discharge)
  • Condurungo Q (ulceration at corner of mouth)
  • Hydrastis 6(weak patient,gastic distress)
  • Ignatia 6(Rectal cancer)
  • Gelsemium 6(in anal cancer)
  • Ruta 6(cancer of lower bowel)
  • Carbo An 6(where glands are indurated)
  • Psorinum 30, Syphillinum 200(where  night aggravation) have shown remarkable improvement in cases used according to symptoms.
Strictly speaking I consider the symptoms and modalities to select remedies.
In this mode of treatment patient's suffering is much less and life is prolonged.
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