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Era of cowpox vaccine is over. It is now the phase of polio, various kinds of vaccines and immunization. It is the fact that cowpox vaccine has eradicated hydra headed monster smallpox but has imported eczema, insanity, debility, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, cancer and many undiagnosed diseases. A rational scanner as healing agent must look the positive and negative aspects. Polio vaccine and various immunization have complicated the system manifesting susceptible to cold, frequent attack of temperature, dyspnoea, bronchitis, asthma, nasal block, loss of appetites, insomnia, abnormal growth, diarrhoea, constipation, various skin complains including leucoderma, mental irritation, restlessness, irrational behavior and many idiopathic symptoms. These are further complicated by antibiotics and steroid. A permanent progressive miasma (poison) is rooted which on fertile soil progress vigorously bringing havoc to life. Ignorance is the root of evil and the greedy myopic doctors do not let loose the chance to exploit 
Whenever any pediatrics case comes to me, I generally use THUJA followed by BACILLINUM or TUBERCULINUM as a routine prescription to antidote the ill effects of immunization. Subsequent remedies follow according to symptoms. Respiratory complains with rattling chest is ANTIM ARS. If there is running nose followed by respiratory complains the remedies are ARALIA R, NAJA, NUX VOM, LYCOPOIDUM. 
When temperature shoots up very high as soon as attack comes BELLODONA and FERRUM PHOS 200X help much. A child comes to me suffering from prolonged temperature. Both Allopathic and Homeopathic treatment fail. The child has the symptom that he takes water profusely and frequently with dry mouth. BARYTA Carb has relieved him immediately as the dose applied. Such cases come time to time when use BARYTA Carb and find amazing relief. I bow my head to great Herring. Without whom children happen to come to me would have to put to much harassment in the hands of greedy myopic doctors. A baby has come to me with non-stop profuse diarrhoea. The child specialist advises admission to his nursing home to be treated for dehydration is fully cured by few does of PODOPHYLLUM. 
A child is suffering from fever Routine antipyrexia gives temporary relief. A night it has become so worse that no antipyrexia acts. It is nightmare Ice bag; cold water in head could somehow manage the night. Early morning a child specialist is contacted. He refuses to attend on the plea not to disturb his sleep noting child is restless and agonizing much with physical complains. ACCONITE Nap cures the child with single does only. Homeopathy takes time to cure is erroneous idea. 
SULPHUR is used in fever when takes water but refuses all kinds of food. 
An infant of 27 days is declared as top emergency patient by a top city hospital. He has vomiting soon after taking. Even intravenous dips excite vomiting. He has green stool. Child specialists of the hospital in board have given up hope of life. The doctors are mostly postgraduate teachers. 
The cooperation of the House physician helps to administer PHOSPHORUS, which cures him. After a week checking thoroughly he is discharged from hospital certifying OK. Postgraduate students are erroneously informed by the teacher who takes credit of treatment. Alas Homeopathy! 
After effect of polio, vaccine with forced feeding brings total loss of appetite. Management to avoid forced feeding and few remedies like CALC. Ars, LYCOPODIUM, CHELIDONIUM, SEPIA, PULSATULLA, SANICULA etc set right patient shortly. 
Many cases are faced with skin complains. MEZEREUM, SULPHUR , PSORINUM, LYCOPODIUM, CALC. Carb, SEPIA, ACID Nit, NAT. Mur etc are few remedies often come. I have a child with leucoderma is cured by THUJA. A child with a growth involving CBD is cure by SULPHUR having history that his skins complain is suppressed with ointment prescribed by skin specialist. Skin complains after SULPHUR appears as the growth disappears. It is my advice to the attendants that I cure antidoting the ill effects of vaccine polio but again they will have to see me with it complains after revaccinate and repolio. 
Effect of alcohol produces syphilitic like mane festation. Addiction to alcohol of parents and fore parents torture their generation. I have number of cases of handicapped children having history of addiction of alcohol of father or forefather. 
SYPHILLINUM in such cases response to treatment. Mentally retarded, late learning to walk or talk, absence of parts of body, deformed babies and others abnormalities are noted with genetic disorder in Chromosome. PSORINUM, MEDORRHINUM, SYPHILLINUM, THUJA, SULPHER, MERC. Sol, SILICIA come according to symptoms. 
Mentally retarded child having tonsillitis is treated by PSORINUM followed by BARYTA Carb. In case such child is traced, gonorrhora in family is treated by MEDORRHINUM. 
Some of the babies are formed to be much irritable beyond control is treated by CHAMMOMILLA. If the irritation from worm CINA is a remedy. A mild type baby is tackled by PULSATILLA. While a baby is irritable only when rise from sleep is given LYCOPODIUM. A cruel baby is treated by ABROTANUM. 
After birth, some babies are found some abnormal symptoms e.g. immediately after birth the baby is found to sneeze when SYPHILLINUM sets right; someone has infantile diarrhora is cured by SYPHILLINUM, few one has ophthalmic problem is cured by MEDORRHINUM, someone has developed skin trouble is cured by SULPHUR, someone MEZEREUM and so on. It is found that some baby has infantile hernia. It is mostly cured by THUJA in case of left side. BACILLINUM, LYCOPODIUM are also used according to conditions. Some baby is born with undescended testis. AURUM Met, THYRODINUM are the remedies. There is baby with lachrymal fistula is cured by few remedies like CALC. Carb, SILICEA, THYRODINUM, CAUSTICUM, SYPHILLINUM, KALI Bich. However, it takes time to cure. Surgical interference can be avoided. 
Though the above conditions are general, every case comes with its own merit, which a true homeopath judges according to Hahnemann's instructions and select true remedies. 
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