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Phatak Repertory has mentioned one medicine for Cervical Spondylosis i.e. Acid Phos. It is quoted from Hering's guiding symptoms. Acid Phos may be noted in any complains acidity few hours after eating. 
In my experience based on mostly guiding symptoms following medicines with indication are incorporated: 
CAMPHORA Cervical Spondylosis > from pressing hard there on. 
HYDROCOTYL AS Pain in Cervical region with occipital pain < touch and pressure. 
KALI BICH Cervical Spondylosis < bending head forward. 
PSORINUM Bending head back < 
HYPERICUM Bending head back > 
BADIAGA Cervical Spondylosis severe pain. Neck very stiff < bending head forward or backward. Glandular swelling < cold > heat. 
PARISQUAD Violent pain in one or both sides of neck < motion, exertion > rest. Occiput, eye, stomach, symptoms may be involved with pain. 
OREODAPHANE Cervico – occipital pain. Intermittent use with Paris Quad helps much. 
CHINA Shooting pain. Constriction pain in left neck to occiput. 
NUX VOM Cervical Spondylosis. Severe pain. Neck very stiff < morning, touch, after eating. Head turns to one side, difficult to move. 
CHIN. SULPH Cervical and dorsal Vertebrae sensitive to touch. 
SILICEA Stiffness of neck of one side. Cannot turn head because of pain. Pain in head sometime is very severe. 
N. B. A case of a Youngman of 20 years age admitted to a top grade Nursing Home with severe pain in right nape of neck but of no avail by group of Doctors. A homeopath prescribed Tub. Bov. to give relief for few days. Silicea 1M through a phone contact. 
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