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Homeopathy medicines have wide field of application in Gynecology. Except in gross organic disorder and in mechanical defect surgery has no room in Gynecology so far homeopathy is concern. In the following discussion I detail the cases from my experience.

Any constituently disturbances arising from the history of natural abortion causing secondary infertility- LYCOPODIUM C.M. 
• Continual disturbances from induced abortion- SEPIA 1000 followed by HELONIS Q. Some times inter current CALENDULA 1000, 10,000, C.M. act highly. 
• Very haughty women remain calm for few days after intercourse is cured her secondary infertility by PLATINA C.M. 
• Primary infertility exploring all possible means for 10 years of marriage fails but has been successful with CAULOPHYLLUM 3x in no time with indication that lady suffer from leucorrhoea and arthritic pain in small join. 
• Primary infertility is cured by CONIUM 1000 with indication that fare flabby lady with scanty menses and acidity causing heartburn. 
• A woman suffering from sever abdominal pain is found on examination that cervix is ulcerated with redness; HYDROCOTIL AS. 200 have relived permanently. 
• Acidity with severs heartburn and leucorrhoea are cured by CONIUM. 
• Eroson cervix clotted painless bleeding with aversion to sweet and worse form bread and meat by CAUSTICUM 1M. 
• Uterine fibroid with hypertrophy is cured without myomectomy or hysterectomy by CALI IOD 6x. 
• Disposition to hemorrhage from uterus due to any cause is controlled by KALI IOD 200 or 1M. 
• Hypertrophy uterus with flatulent and acidity by CALANDULA 10M. 
• CAL. CARB CM cures infertility with early copious menses prolonged. 
• High blood pressure having history of profuse bleeding before menopause is effectively control by STRONTIA CARB. 
• Prolapsed uterus in anaemic and rheumatic patient may use CAL. PHOS 200x for sometime. 
• Leucorrhoea with anaemia and cold susceptible patient gets relive from CAL. PHOS. 
• Very much dark menses difficult to wash is MEDORRHINUM. 
• COCCULUS have menses scanty or even absence but leucorrhoea is profuse and predominating. 
• First menses delayed in lean thin subject with development body is below par- LYCOPODIUM. 
• KALI CARB has first delayed menses and chest symptoms are present. 
• LACHISIS at climacteric complains or after menopause respond in most of the cases. 
• MAG. MUR has leucorrhoea after excises even after passing urine, and stool. 
• MAG. CARB has some throat, nasal coryza before menses and menses are dark pitched scanty. 
• Scanty menses with constipation, itching before menses in GRAPHITES. 
• In ovarian tumor PSORINUM, COLOCYNTH repeated high potencies yield in many cases. 
• Blonde scrofulous constitution is acted by BROMIUM. 
• KREOSOTUM has cured young girl with prolong profuse flow. Flow intermits; sometimes on and others time off. 
• Flow of menses in gushes in LAC.CAN. 
• Lactogenic hormone is more than normal preventing conception is MERC. SOL., CYCLAMEN. 
• Infantile uterus PLUMBUM MET. is used. 
• AMENORRHOEA from severs indignation- STAPHISAGRIA. 
• In dyspareunia, granular vegetation in vagina - STAPHISAGRIA. 
• In prolapsed uterus enlargement of uterus growth with bearing down complain; FRAXINOUS AM Q. 
• Reduces the cancerous pain in uterus CALTHA P Q one or two drops act magically. 
• In order to prevent complication after childbirth CALANDULLA 1M or higher is very effectively. 
• Threatened abortion is prevented by KALI. CARB. If applied in time. 
• VINCA MINOR 6 is used with result to stop bleeding from uterus with fibroid. If fails KALI IOD 1M acts very effectively. 
• In a cancerous condition of uterus with thin offensive discharge is improved beyond expectation by NITRIC ACID.
Above all the totality of symptoms is the best guide to find correct remedy.
Fibroids and uterine tumors have proved surgery unless in the following remedies.
KAIL IOD 6x is found a master remedy for sub involution and fibroid in uterus.
KALI BROM. is another remedy when excessive fear, anxiety and nervousness are present. The abnormal discharge is the point to note.
Traumatic interference in uterus like DC or electro cautery leading to hardness of Cervix and cancerous growth is best treated by CONIUM.
Usual hardness of Cervix is by ALUMEN.
CALENDULA has hypertrophy of uterus with dragging in groin.
CALC CARB is another remedy of fatty women desire eggs excessively and aversion of meat.
CHIMAPHILLA UMB. has large breasts in both mammary and uterus tumors.
Tumor in uterus having left sided ovarian pain and chilly, perspiration is profuse THUJA. 
The above remedies are verified repeatedly to convince not to deform by Surgery in growth of uterus.
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