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Over all biochemical levels in body fluids give the picture of renal function. These are blood urea (normal 20/40mg.%), creatinine concentration, urine volume etc. From abnormal kidney either contracted or ischemic pattern excretion is reduced increasing sodium concentration and the concentration of other substances. Glomarular and tubular abnormalities are noted. The inter actions of these are generally reflected to the chemical composition of fluids and tissues. Temperature, heart rate blood pressure, water content, blood sugar etc are disturbed.

Selective absorption is impaired. Sodium and water retention lead to edema. Renal salt losses may occur due to failure of tubular reabsorption. Extreme sodium wasting lead to a picture of Addison Disease. Nausea, vomiting, polyuria, rising blood urea are the symptom due to impaired Glomarular infiltration. In chronic renal failure urine become very acidic i.e. PH falls to low level. In the reduction of Glomarualar infiltration potassium retention occurs. Anuria is the manifestation. In the failure of tubular reabsorption potassium depletion occurs. Muscle weakness is prominent symptom. Disturbances in calcium level of body forms osteodystrothy. Serum magnesia levels are increased with uraemia. Due to these excretory failures various system of body is affected. Gastro intestinal symptoms, cardio vascular disorder with hypertension, anemia, and fluid retention are noted. Neuron muscular complains like weakness of mussels, twitching of muscles, tremors; muscles cramps etc are noticed. Skin changes like pruritus, skin rashes, urea frosts in sweat, lax skin etc occur. Reparatory manifestation as uraemic lung is noted.

In Homeopathy causes and constitution in back ground of kidney failure are studied. The following remedies with indications are frequently used: -
Kidney contracted and H.B.P.- PLUMBUM MET. 6, 30, 200. 
In some hopeless cases dramatic results are noted with KOCH'S LYMPH 200 or 1000 followed by TEREBINTH 6 th .
Renal failure with liver, heart or spleen involvement; ADONIS V. Q. 
H.B.P. with kidney failure in women presenting menorrhagia or metrorrhagia; JUNIPURS V. Q 
Anurea or oliguria in kidney failure; LIATRIS Q. in 1 to 4 drums doses acts miraculously.
Desperate cases of kidney failure with high creatanine and high urea; VANADIUM 6 th .
Oedema of leg; VIPERA.
Extensive oedema, swelling of face; APIS MEL.
Urea 6 th 12 th is one of the best medicines of kidney failure.
Eel serum; hypertension and albumin+ + +
Uterine disorder in renal failure- VISC. ALB. 6 th .
Creatanine high and hemoglobin low- HYDRASTIS C.
ICTHYOLUM 6x has been used in success in case of renal failure with symptom of hay fever, cold susceptibility, uric acid diathesis, tuberculosis, alcoholism etc.
ZINGIBAR cured a comatose patient with gross kidney failure having history of Typhoid.
DYSENTRY CO., MERC SOL., EMETIN have given expected result in kidney failure according to symptoms having history of amobiasis.
NAT MUR . 6 th acts encouragingly when it is selected based on desire of salt having history of malaria. 
Similarly a patient of CAL.CARB is cured in kidney failure with CAL. CARB 30 th .
LECTHIN 3x is given to correct nutritional defect, to increases RBC and to eliminate phosphaturia, albuminuria. In diabetic condition its act well. 
In this time people scare with AIDS but it is not a new concept in Homeopathy. Chronic diseases in homeopathy state that fundamental causes of disease are psora, syphilis, and sycosis. The three may exist in a system singly, in combinations of two or three. When the miasma (Fundamental causes) is in combination it becomes difficult to cure.
So far sycosis and syphilis are concerned the wife gets the miasms in the stage that husband suffers and vise versa. If it is a fact in case of sexual contact to single individual, the reality of sexual contact with many is easily imaginable. This is AIDS though in homeopathy AIDS term is not used.
The sexually transmitted disease complicating with more then one miasms is very very difficult to cure. 
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